Red V’s Refined Coconut Oil is made by first drying coconut meat (copra) then pressing the oil from it. That oil is then filtered and bleached before it is treated with high heat in order to render it odorless and to kill any germs or spores present. The resultant product is RBD (refined, bleached, deodorized) or Refined Coconut Oil. It is unscented and excellent for cooking due to its high smoke point (450ºF). Refined coconut oils do not have any coconut flavor or taste.

  • Great for cooking thanks to a high smoke point (450ºF).

  • No coconut flavor or taste.

  • Ideal carrier oil for toiletry and aromatherapy applications, and for use on itchy, dry, sensitive skin.

  • Available in 14 oz. and 30 oz jars