About Red V Foods Corp.

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Henry Vavasseur, founder of J.H. Vavasseur & Co.

Henry Vavasseur, founder of J.H. Vavasseur & Co.

Our storied history begins in the mid-1800s, when the J.H. Vavasseur Company established its coconut export trade in the Far East.

With the rise in popularity of confectionary coconut products in the 1870s, merchants were faced with a mounting dilemma: long shipping times by sea to the distant UK and Europe led to frequent and vast spoilage of the whole coconuts, as was the only manner by which they could be shipped at the time.

In 1888, engineer and entrepreneur Henry Vavasseur headed a firm that conducted experiments on a tea leaf dryer, successfully developing a process for preserving coconut meat through drying (or desiccating).

With that groundbreaking innovation, an industry was born — one which we have proudly remained at the forefront of since its genesis.

That we are the oldest name in coconuts is no accident.

Through war, economic turmoil, and vast changes in global trade, we have been there to survive, thrive, and advance our industry.

Today, we remain an industry leader through a steadfast commitment to continuous innovation and improvement in all aspects of our business, as well as the highest possible standards in our products, our service, and reliability.

Transitioning from RV Industries (RVI) to Red V Foods Corp., we aim to expand our offerings in diversified food products, while maintaining the highest standards and continuous innovation in our core offerings.

A Timeline of Red V Foods Corp. 

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The Vavasseurs first travel to the Far East, establishing connections in British Ceylon (Sri Lanka), forming the foundation of their coconut export business.


Henry Vavasseur relocates to Ceylon, becoming an East Indian Merchant and dealing in spices, coconut, and tea.


Business in the Far East, especially Ceylon, is developing very successfully. The London office expands.


The company significantly expands its interests in the coconut business.


The J.H. Vavasseur Company successfully invents the desiccation process for coconuts. The first rendered coconut shipment is sent from the Far East to London by sea. By the time the ships return, a demand for large quantities from London are filed and an industry is born.


Exports of coconuts from Ceylon are immense, reaching 6,000 tons.

Late 1800s

The Vavasseur brand, characterized by its hallmark black “V” on the foil-lined shipping chests, is launched in the United States, under the aptly named “Black V” moniker.



Exports of coconuts from Ceylon rise steadily, increasing tenfold to 60,000 tons.


The United States imposes a 30% tariff on desiccated coconuts.


World War I breaks out.


In order to assist the Philippines, the United States declares that coconut imports from the Philippines would be considered duty free.


The Vavasseur Company opens for business in the Philippines, their shipments marked with a striking red “V”, distinguishing them from the black “V” adorning shipments from elsewhere in the world. Appropriately, the company is named “Red V Coconut Products Co.”.


Philippine desiccated coconuts destined for the United States increases from 8 million pounds to 76 million pounds.


Operation is disrupted by World War II as the Philippines is occupied by Japan. The Red V facilities is used as a cavalry station for a time.


The company sponsors development of blanching and pasteurization processes for coconut products, in cooperation with Rutgers University — techniques and processes that are now used throughout the coconut industry.


A full implementation of quality control by way of advanced laboratories monitoring bacteriological profiles of all production is instituted. A new standard for quality is established.


RV Industries, Inc. (RVI) is established to assume the exclusive distribution of the Red V brand throughout North, Central and South America. In 1994, RVI moved to a larger and more modern production and warehouse facility in Doraville (near Atlanta), Georgia, to be able to serve better its growing industrial, food service and retail markets. Their plant facilities earn a “Superior” rating.



RVI moves to a modern and expansive 110,000 sq. ft. production and warehouse facility in Buford, Georgia. The new facility allows for an expanded production line including manufacturing lines, packaging lines and filling lines.


RV Industries, Inc. becomes Red V Foods Corp. with the goal of diversifying its food product catalog, while retaining and advancing its stake in coconut products.

What We Do

Red V Foods Corp. Headquarters and Manufacturing Facility in Atlanta, GA

Red V Foods Corp. Headquarters and Manufacturing Facility in Atlanta, GA

Red V Foods Corp. is the leading distributor and manufacturer of desiccated coconut products in the United States. We specialize in USDA-certified organic, non-GMO premium coconut products, sourcing the best and highest quality raw ingredients from across the globe, while delivering outstanding results through our superior supply chain. We take immense pride in our deeply rooted connection with local farmers, their land, and their communities.

From the invention of the desiccation process for coconuts to our diversified technologies and food products, Red V Foods Corp. remains true to its heritage of innovation.

Through diversified technologies and our state-of-the-art facilities, as well as a superior supply chain, we continue to deliver the superior quality coconut food products to retail chains across the United States.

Red V Foods is a subsidiary of Axelum Resources Corp. in the Philippines, a pioneer in the production of the world’s finest coconut food products.

We are headquartered in a 110,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and distribution facility located in the Metro Atlanta area. This accessible location enables Red V Foods to service markets across the USA and Canada, as well as parts of South America. Red V Foods also has the flexibility to pack in various sizes, in customer specific designs and requirements.

We’ve extended our capability to source other food ingredients and snack items from various Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand. 

Our Certifications


The Atlanta production facility is a CERTIFIED ORGANIC plant, and operates under strict GMP and HACCP programs. Our facility is Kosher certified, Halal-certified and audited yearly by the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQF).  Red V Foods is certified in SQF Food Safety Code for Manufacturing.

Axelum has dedicated staff who visit farmers who supply organic coconuts to Axelum / Red V Foods. Our staff travel to remote sites and farmlands throughout the southern region of the Philippines to inspect and monitor farms to ensure that strict organic standards are followed.

We have achieved ISO 17025 accreditation for Axelum Laboratories.  Something that elevates the quality and reliability of its laboratory work to the level of a third party laboratory.

Our Global Team

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Axelum Resources Corp. Plant Workers, Red V Foods

Red V Foods is part of a truly global team, one committed to the pursuit and attainment of excellence, while providing the highest level of service to its client base. Red V Food’s direct affiliation with Axelum Resources Corporation — one of the largest coconut manufacturing companies in the Philippines — greatly enhances the service and products it provides its markets and clients.

Aside from Red V Food’s own production facility in Atlanta, Axelum Resources Corp. has extensive manufacturing facilities which are dedicated to fully support Red V Food’s programs, ensuring consistent high quality to its customers, providing an uninterrupted supply of products and ensuring timely delivery of all orders.

Additionally, Red V Foods is able to source and supply a wide variety of food ingredients and snack items, by utilizing the facilities of its affiliated companies based in Southeast Asia, Australia and Europe.

Red V Food’s success is in large part due to the hard work and dedication of its loyal, 40-strong office staff of executive managers, sales managers, production and warehouse personnel and broker network. Red V Foods has the support of over 4,000 employees from Axelum Resources Corp. who manufacture and produce desiccated coconut products in the Philippines.

Corporate Social Responsibility


The Medina Development Foundation & CS Foundation

By focusing on providing sustainable and holistic support to local communities in Axelum’s main plant facility located in Medina, Philippines — through education, health, livelihood, and spiritual wellness — we aim to improve and enrich the lives of those who make up the heart and soul of our business.

Our Man in Medina

I recently traveled to meet with Bobong, the Medina Foundation head in Medina, Philippines. He is devoting 100% of his time to uplifting lives of community farmers.

Bobong noticed that most Axelum plant workers spent most their salary on expensive and not-so-healthy food.

So he started a farming program to encourage local farmers and Axelum workers to plant crops (instead of trees that they cut and sell to loggers). He also heads a program for organic and sustainable farming, replacing harmful herbicides and insecticides with natural fertilizers that are being distributed to farmers throughout the community.

Axelum has distributed crop seedlings to farmers and has guaranteed to purchase farmers’ harvested crops. Witnessing the positive impact being made there gives me an incredible and deep sense of pride.

- Lisa Reyes, Brand Manager, Fiesta Tropicalé

Red V Foods Corporate Social Responsibility

The Medina Development Foundation (MDF) focuses on a number of key areas with the aim of improving the lives of our farmers’ and workers’ communities.

Red V Foods Academic Scholarships

Academic Scholarships & Educational Work

  • Over 15 years, more than 500 scholars have graduated with the aid of MDF.

  • MDF distributes school supplies to over 1,000 students in the town of Medina annually.

  • Continual investment in new classrooms in local public elementary and high schools.

  • MDF conducts vocational training for youth, such as Shielded Metal Arc Welding, automotive repair, and manufacturing.

Red V Foods Sustainable Farming Program

Livelihood Programs: Sustainable Farming

  • Organic farming of purple yam and ginger, and intercropping with coconut trees.

  • Intercropping to naturally create diverse—thus, more secure—abundance  of crops.

  • Enabling coconut farmers use their land by providing financial assistance and technical expertise.

  • Facilitated work with Simon Bakker, who propagated cacao in Mindanao.

  • Forming cooperatives of coconut farmers that will plant and harvest on schedule, getting a better value for their produce.

  • Working with Philippine Department of Agriculture for seedlings and technology for farmers; working with Philippine Coconut Authority and LandBank to promote this model of sustainable farming.

Red V Foods Health and Medical Missions

Health & Medical Missions

  • Conducted a surgical mission for 30 patients in a provincial hospital.

  • Providing health services to the poor in Northern Mindanao who have no access to proper healthcare.

  • Conducted screening, testing, and treating of more than 5,000 women in Davao, Bukidnon, and Mindoro, with the goal to eradicate cervical cancer.

  • Building the first and only hospital in Medina to provide primary care for outpatients, and to offer free healthcare to farmers with the help of MDF & CSF.

Red V Foods Charity Sports Clinics

Sports Clinics

  • Sponsors free local tennis clinics and table tennis clinics for hundreds of youths in the Medina community